Our Terms for doing Business:


Our hourly rates are fixed for both Once Off jobs, as well as "Preferred Clients"

Each job is quoted individually according to the client’s brief and expected result. 

"Preferred Clients" are returning clients as well as clients with bulk processing orders. Preferred Clients qualify for a Preferential Rate as well as Priority Scheduling.

For Preferred Clients:
Should the actual time taken for post-processing exceed the Quote (barring changes from the client), the client will only be billed the quoted fee.

Should the actual post-processing time be less than quoted, we will adjust the invoice accordingly for the outstanding amount.

Every Client's "expected" retouch time, according to their Image Quality provided and typical retouch requirements will be adjusted every 10-15 images to reflect more accurately on the quotes RetouchRepublic provides for each job. 


1. No new work will be handed over until outstanding fees on previous jobs are fully paid.

2. No job will be taken without a full and complete brief and a 50% non- refundable deposit as per expected time/quote.

3. No new work will be taken in if any work has more than a 14 day outstanding fee, and a 12% admin and communications fee will be levied at the end of each month after the outstanding period was reached.

4. All work is on a «first come - first served» basis. Delays in briefing/image supply process means the job goes to the back of the queue, which will delay the output accordingly… 

5. "Priority" work will be quoted on at an increased fee because it involves:

  • Contacting various clients and arranging new deadlines for their projects where possible
  • Assigning extra staff to handle work on those projects, whose deadlines cannot move
  • Potential loss of clients due to deadline issues
  • Overtime work

6. Any changes tagged as Author Corrections (That is: Any changes outside the original brief) WILL be quoted as a NEW PROJECT.

As such, we suggest that you get full and complete briefs from your clients before submitting work or changes of current work to us. If your client doesn't have a full and complete brief… advise them that the deadline will have to be flexible, and the final cost of the images cannot be given until such a time as the final brief has been quoted on…

7. Any discounts given for "Image Credit" will only be applied on the following job, once the published work has been distributed with the "Image Credit" as negotiated.

These are our Standard Terms, which apply to all our clients.